Myung Kim
This works really well and I recommend giving it a try. I sweep it across the roots of my lashes on clean skin as evenly as possible once every evening. A few peoples' reviews said how quickly their lashes grew. I had the same experience and could see growth within the first week.
Mikaella Moura
I am now getting ready to start using my second bottle of this eyelash growth serum. The first bottle lasted about a month and in that month my eyelashes have gotten fuller and a little longer. They don't fall out as easily when I wash off my make up and I don't require as much mascara. The serum is very easy to apply and has not caused me any irritation at all. I definitely will continue to use this product and would not hesitate to recommend to my family and friends.
Paulina Garcia
I am very pleased with this eyelash treatment. Is very easy to apply, doesn't cause any mess or irritation, a little bit goes a long way. I love it doesn't irritate my eyes, usually even the eye liner gives me red eye and irritation, most the time I can't use mascara which is the main reason for me to get motivated to try this product. I started to use it at night before going to sleep and the first time it gave me like a fresh cooling sensation that faded right away, after a couple days I decided to use twice a day, to speed up the results....
Priscila Cipriano
My lashes grew beautifully with this product! I will be reordering this product for sure. It took awhile for my eyelashes to start growing in but eventually they did!!! I am very pleased with this product!
Deborah Santos
I apply this frequently during the day so I can see result much faster. I noticed a difference even just after the first week! It has been about two weeks of using it now. I don't notice as big a difference this second week as I did the first week. But this stuff doesn't sting my eyes at all when I put it on, and I read about several of these products that do, so that is a big plus!
leslie Francis
I love this eyelash growth serum because it is helping me regrow my eyelashes and eyebrows without causing my skin to become discolored like I was having with I used Lattise in the past. My lashes are not very long due to extensive use of eyelash extensions and improper removal of them. Also my brows are sparse because of too much waxing. This serum seems to be working well and I am noticing more hair growth. I will continue to use an update in a few weeks with my results.
Kristy Stewart
Good supplier, my orders are always shipping fast and packing good, will order more, thank you!!!
Christine Johnston
The second time I ordered from this site, they offered me the lowest price I have find online. Good seller!
Harwinder kaur
This made my eyelashes stronger, thicker, and even a little darker. I'm on my second week and have had no lash fall-out. You won't see over night results with this, you have to be consistent! This has no smell and is clear. I can definitely tell a difference, just wish I would have taken a before photo... I really love this product and will continue to purchase.
Tina M Hickman
Product came just as pictured by seller. Shipping was on time & came packaged well. I have purchased this product before & I loved it! I have noticed a huge difference in my eyelashes! I have had thin, straight, & short lashes all my life. But since trying out eyelash serums my lashes are growing soo long!!
Elizabeth King
So far this product works great! There is no bad smell, and does not have any strange side effects. I will update as I continue to use each day.
Niclas Mann
This Eyelash serum is a magic! I've tried it before and was in love with the quick and great results. I used it for several months and now I ordered another pack! Insane as always. I'm a fan of lilash.