Do you want to revamp your beauty routine with some simple makeup tricks? Then you find the right people. We have a list of 15 simple makeup tricks to improve your personal grooming routine and change your life. Beside using our Lilash Purified Eyelash Serum, the following article should be read carefully!


#1. Matching your foundation to your cheek

Matching your foundation to your cheek will make it look unnatural. Due to sun exposure and breakouts, the skin on your face isn’t really the same as your body. So swipe three different shades of foundation below your jawline then just blend it in. Whichever shade disappears is the shade you should choose.


#2. Apply foundation at the center of your face.

If you apply foundation to your hairline or jawline first, it will make you look like you’re wearing a mask. The trick here is to start at the center of your face then blend out. The foundation will fade out around the edges leaving you with a more natural look.


#3. Carry around a facial mist with you.

Not only will it set your makeup, but it will keep your skin fresh and dewy for the rest of the day.


#4. Perk up your complexion with a blush.

All you need is a bright blush like a vibrant coral or pink to add to your makeup routine and you will get instant radiance. As you age, you will lose blood vessels on your face making you look sallow.


#5. Contour your eyes with light and dark eyeshadows.

This trick will reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and make your eyelids look bigger and younger. Use a pale shade for your lids, taupe on your crease and a dark shade to use as an eyeliner.


#6. Customize your own nude lips.

All you need to do is blend white eyeliner on your lips to create a nude pink that will definitely suit you. This is always handy especially if you don’t have a nude pink lipstick handy.


#7. ‘Bake’ your makeup.

Baking is when you coat the concealed areas (like your under eye, forehead, chin and jawline) to create a highlighted look and to make the concealer stay in place. Apply a sponge translucent powder over thick concealer (or places where you have used concealer), then continue with the rest of your makeup. Let it ‘bake’ or ‘cook’ for a couple of minutes then dust it off afterwards.


#8. Create subtle smokey eyes with cream eyeshadow.

This is a very easy way of creating a smokey eye, especially for beginners. With a brush, apply the color on your entire eyelid then use a clean fluffy brush to blend it into your crease and toward your brow bone to make it look less intense.


#9. Glow naturally with a bit of highlighter and a fan brush.

The best way to apply highlighter is with a fan brush. It will give you a more believable highlight because the fan brush’s bristles are laxer and stretchier which will spread the product on your face perfectly to give you a more natural glow.


#10. Balance your undertones with a green and orange corrector.

Because using a regular concealer isn’t enough. A green corrector will tone down the redness on your face. An orange corrector will correct blue and other darkness on your face. After applying the corrector, apply foundation and your regular concealer over the corrector in a patting motion. Continue with your regular makeup routine afterwards.


#11. Foundation first. Then concealer.

Doing concealer first before foundation will just remove your base product. If you use foundation first, you won’t have as much to conceal afterwards.


#12. Conceal your pimple with this layering technique.

Foundation – concealer – setting powder. Do this separately from your face makeup. Using a tiny brush, apply foundation where your spot is then blend it. Conceal then blend. Then set those with a setting powder to keep your spot hidden in place for the rest of the day.


#13. Brow-filling trick

Let’s be honest – filling in your brows evenly doesn’t really happen or will never happen. But for you to get the best perspective, take a selfie on your phone. That way, you will see where you need to use more brow product.


#14. Use a clear mattifying powder for oily skin.

Don’t use loose powder to fight your oily complexion. Adding too much powder on an oily face can make your makeup look cakey. Your shiny t-zone will disappear with the help of a mattifying powder.


#15. Want smooth foundation? Use a blending sponge.

Use a blending sponge to blend the makeup in a circular motion. This will create a smooth and pore less foundation look.

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