Our company actually did a lot of research on Latisse (and other eyelash growers) before wrote the last blog post. One of our office girl Anna has been using Latisse, the other named Voctoria has been using Lilash. Both of them use their products more that 4 weeks. Before see the result, we point out that there is a lot of wrong information about the product on the web.


Such as this website “puts to the test”
LiLash vs. Latisse. LiLash is another product that promises longer lashes. The review is obviously biased toward LiLash. “Requires a visit to your doctor to obtain a prescription. Most insurance companies do not cover visits related to cosmetic procedures or products. Most insurance companies also do not cover prescriptions for cosmetic purposes, either, so the cost of the product will be out-of-pocket.”


While it is true that Latisse can only be obtained by prescription, it is NOT true that a doctor’s visit is required. I simply walked into the doctor's office and they handed me the product. My visit was free of charge.


Latisse costs between US$125-165 per tube depending on where you live. Each tube lasts only two months. Our company tube cost US$120, and if used sparingly can last at least ten weeks.


Does not have any conditioning ingredients added to keep eyelashes from feeling brittle or hard.


This point is actually true, but a lash conditioner or primer will keep your lashes from feeling brittle for WAY less money than LiLash (sephora.com has about a million lash conditioners to choose from). In fact, the way that LiLash works to grow your eyelashes is the same way a hair conditioner works to grow your hair. It helps prevent it from breaking, but doesn’t speed up the process of growth. Latisse has an actual drug in it (Lumigan) that increases hair growth.


These products make similar promises to grow your hair, but they work COMPLETELY differently than each other. LiLash works for women who have dry and brittle lashes, but if you don’t, it won’t help you grow your lashes any longer than your genetics want you to. Keep this in mind when deciding what eyelash grower you should use.


For best results, I would suggest using bimatoprost 0.03% and a lash conditioner together.Hope this entry clears up any confusion anyone may have.

  • Dec 28, 2016
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