Eyelashes are protective measures for human eyeballs against the foreign particles, which could damage the eye or cause unpleasant sensation, moreover hinder the vision temporarily. Eyelashes are like accurate sensors and their movement is reflexive. As soon as any foreign particle touches the eyelashes, your eyelids close in a fraction of second to prevent particle entry into the eye.
Know how long eyelash growth, we should know the following factors:
Important Biological & Anatomical facts
Human Beings usually have 90-150 eyelashes in upper eyelid, while 70-80 eyelashes in the lower one; Like other body parts hairs, eyelashes also have a systematic and dynamic growth pattern. The length and number of eyelashes varies depend on genetic bases, which means the period of eyelashes enhancer is different. The tint of eyelash also varies from one individual to another.
Eyelashes natural shedding is the part of their growth cycle. Human body keeps repeating the cycle time to time to ensure that the sensing guards are always work.
In case, you pull a clump of eyelash, even then it will re-grow. However, the process could take over two months to fully replace the eyelash. The duration depends on phase of growth cycle in which the lash was right before it was plucked. In case of multiple lash loss, each one of them will take a different amount of time to re-grow. In some cases, eyelash and eyebrow transplant surgeries are used to reconstruct or thicken the lashes.
Eyelashes also hold a great aesthetical value, especially for beauty conscious females. Dense eyelashes not only protect your eyes, but also embellish them. Market has special cosmetics like mascara, eye putty, eyeliner, and eye shadow to polish and improvise the look a woman bears. Women spend huge sums on cosmetics and products to chase their desire to have beautiful eyelashes or to enhance their length and growth. It’s always advised that every individual must be familiar with some basic anatomical and biological factors behind the growth of eyelashes before she/he decides to use any additional product to modify the growth. At least, it’ll help in understanding the right time to use the products for maximum benefit, if there is one.
Growth cycle of eyelashes
An eyelash has a set pattern or cycle of growth and it never deviates from it. Human lash growth is divided into three phases namely, Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. At any moment of human life period, 40 percent eyelashes on the upper eyelid and 20 percent on the lower one, remain under active growth. On an average, an eyelash can be ½ inch long when it’s fully grown. Each eyelash follow the growth cycle and each eyelash could be in different phase at a particular time. That’s why all your eyelashes don’t shed in clump. Rather, you rarely notice shedding of eyelashes, unless you aren’t ultra-conscious about them.
Anagen – Active growth phase
This phase of growth cycle is the active growth phase, which usually lasts for 30 to 45 days. Length of each eyelash depends on the length of this phase. It determines how long each hair grows. You can’t alter this phase as it has its bases in genetic origin. It’ll not be possible to enhance the growth rate of density of hair for an individual. At any moment of time, 40 percent of your upper eyelashes and 15 percent of those on the lower eyelid are in Anagen phase.
Catagen – Intermediate phase
Catagen refers to the period of growth cycle in which the growth of hair stops along with the production of pigments. The phase last for two to three weeks before it enters into the next phase –Telogen. It’s useless to expect a product to enhance the growth if eyelashes are in this phase. This period does not support any growth.
Telogen – Shedding phase
Telogen is the longest of all three phases. It lasts for three to four months. The phase is characterized by shedding of hair. Not all hair in the eyelashes shed together. Rather, each follicle could be in a different phase. New hair, which starts to grow from the follicle, pushes the old hair higher and eventually causes it to shed naturally.
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